1956 Manufrance Velorobot

1956 Manufrance Velorobot

How could any serious collector of vintage obscurities resist a cyclemotor with the fabulous name of Velorobot?


A Velorobot had been on my wish-list for some time.

I found this one in an obscure mountainous region of France, and my friend Alain duly diverted from his journey back from an autojumble in Germany to collect it for me.

But after arriving at the seller’s house, Alain phoned me in a state of shock. Despite providing detailed descriptions of the bike during various phone conversations, the seller had neglected to mention the state of the petrol tank. Just look at it, below…

The asking price was reasonable, but it was nevertheless a surprise to discover the true state of the bike. And the seller would not take a lower offer, despite acknowledging his false description.

Alain was not happy about it but, after some deliberation, I decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway. It is a bike for my own collection, not for resale, and its condition just means that I won’t bother to restore it. I long ago grew out of the need to restore everything. It’s still a Velorobot. And, in its unrestored state, with a hole in its tank, I consider it a work of art.