1907 Velo Manufrance Retro-Direct ‘Hirondelle Luxe’ Modele 11

1907 Velo Manufrance Retro-Direct ‘Hirondelle Luxe’ Modele 11



This fabulous old Retro-Direct is an amazing contraption. I loved riding it (It’s now sold).

It has the larger frame offered (you can see the larger frame illustrated in the catalogue for the ‘Model 13 Grande Luxe’ further down the page).


This bike has been through my workshops. There was not much to do, but everything has now been greased up and serviced. I’ve ridden the Retro-Direct half a dozen times so far. Rather strange to ride …as you might imagine, you spend a lot of time changing gear just for the experience of pedalling backwards 🙂







It’s quite a lightweight bike, so it’s very easy to ride. And the gear-change is very smooth. I rode one some time ago in France that was quite difficult to change gear. But already I was addicted to them, and I worked very hard to find, buy and arrange delivery of this one. A friend in France collected it for me and delivered it to another of my friends when they met at an autojumble in Germany; eventually it arrived here. It was worth the trouble as they are now so hard to find …even more so the early ones.




The saddle is an Ideale Model 310.